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Things To Avoid When Choose Web Hosting

June 3rd, 2011 by admin

We have to adhere to certain rules and regulations when we are in any type of business. Similarly, in case of web hosting, we have to follow few things strictly and avoid few others for our benefit.

Any beginner in this field should seek guidance from current web masters in this regard. With their vast experience in this sector they can surely point out the most common things that are to be avoided when choosing a web hosting services. We are discussing few of them for you.

1. False claims – Many web hosting providers claim to have 99.9 uptime but in reality it is not so. You need to cross check their claims instead of taking them on their face value.

2. Avoid cheap or free web hosting service – Though we can’t say that every cheap hosting is worse, but majority of them are worthless. They offer such services free due to huge volume of customers. They use the website of their customers to advertise on them. Such services lack latest servers and come with very low bandwidth. Their customer service is also awful.

3. Limited scope of expansion – You should keep in mind that your online venture will expand one day to touch great height. At that point of time you may need extra resources like bandwidth, memory, disk space, etc and you should avoid any web hosting service that has limited scope to expand to provide you all this in future.

4. No testimonials or references- You should avoid web hosting service that has not posted any testimonials or references from their satisfied customers.

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